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B E H I N D  T H E  G R A M

To my Disney Single Rider friends. Here below is what I had intended to post along with this picture:


I am by no means an expert photographer. I only know how to do what I do because I work relatively close with photographers, videographers, have watched a few YouTube tutorials, and taken a couple free online courses on photography. 

I knew that when I finally got a nice camera, I would absolutely want to dive into long exposure photography. 

When it came to executing this shot and edit, all I knew how to do was what I had observed from other Instagram accounts that had some great long exposures. 

So after running to a camera store in Anaheim with only 2 minutes to spare before it closed to buy a tripod, I googled how to take long exposure pictures. I learned a couple quick basics (and believe me, I still have so so much to learn) and then went to work. 

After experimenting some, I found I wasn't getting those amazing shots like I had seen on so many other Instagram accounts. So I decided to improvise. The problem I was having was that in order to get those awesome spot lights to stand out, the castle would be way too over exposed. But if I were to properly expose the castle, the spotlights were hardly even visible. I decided to do something similar to a technique I had briefly skimmed over in the past, called braketing. 

So what I did was take two pictures in the same spot, not moving the camera. One with the right settings and exposure to get the spotlights to pop, and one to get the castle properly exposed. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but in the moment (without a ND filter mind you) that's all I could think to do. 

Now, being that I am still very much an amateur photographer, I have no software on my computer to edit photographs. That's right, this edit and all my edits are done completely on my phone. Thanks to the app "Enlight" I was able to stack the two photos together, but boy oh boy was it a huge pain in the butt to accomplish. What I had to do after stacking the two images was erase the parts of the picture I did not want to be doubled up, which was like 90% of the picture. By hand (actually finger). Pixel by pixel. It took about an hour. Yeah, it sucked, haha. But if you think that was bad, just as I went to save the edit, the app crashed and I lost everything. I'm not going to lie, I flipped out like a crazy person. So I took a couple of deep breaths, and walked away. Eventually I came back to re-edit all over again. Guess what, an hour later after another nearly completed edit... The app crashed again. This is why I need to stop working off of my phone. Again, I was livid. By this point I was determined to finish the dang edit, so I went back at it again, this time going a little bit more quickly, both out of impatience and fear of the app crashing again. Finally, I got the edit done and it is what you see here. I'm extremely happy with how this turned out. I can't believe I actually made this. And on my phone of all things. Me, an audio guy. However, being that the third edit attempt was slightly rushed, there is one small spot that I missed when erasing. Can you find it? It bugs me, but not as much as having to re-edit again, so it'll be this pictures little birth mark. 

Whoa! Did you actually read all of this? If you did, I'm seriously surprised. I honestly never read long captions. I zone out after about two sentences. Seriously, how are you still reading this? I'm not that interesting, am I? Surely you've got another castle picture to double-tap. Go ahead, carry on. Please, stop reading this. Don't make me give you a prize or something. Ok, let's hang up together, on the count of three... One... Two... Three!

You didn't hang up! Why are you still here?!


Love you guys!

- Ryan